Gamer Events – The Intent

The Gamers Events project aims to create a platform to provide leadership and a unifying central point for the Australian games community, with a focus on the competitive/ Esports scene. The platform consists of these key components:

  • An online portal for gamers, event organisers, advertisers, media and industry writers to interact.
  • A mechanism for administrating events that includes:
  •  Tiered promotion
  •  Invitations
  • Reporting
  • Linked articles
  • User comments and feedback.
    • On the ground event support.
    • A policy of openness and inclusiveness for the entire community. is at its heart a community service for passionate players and spectators.
    • Cross community pollination. The Gamers Events platform provokes the many groups of gamers that exist across the country to participate in one another’s activities.

The forms and functions of the site and how players and groups can participate will be elaborated on over time.  The plan is to create a cross platform, modular, and all-inclusive hub that will promote awareness across all gaming events.

Posted on June 3, 2013 in Updates

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